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Paris in the year 1911.  On the stage of the Opera Populaire, set pieces from the theatre are being auctioned off. The old Raoul, Viscount de Chagny, is buying a monkey music box...

Lot number 666 is a chandelier, which many years earlier caused the famous tragedy connected with the mystery of the Phantom of the Opera. The lit chandelier returns to its old place in the rafters of the old theatre (Overture)...

Act I

Years earlier at the Opera Populaire. A rehearsal for the opera “Hannibal” is underway. The current owner informs the cast that he has just sold the theatre to Messieurs Firmin and André. The new managers admire the dancers – especially the young Christine Daaé. They ask prima donna Carlotta to sing an aria from the third act of the opera (Think Of Me). But her performance is cut short when the stage’s backdrop suddenly falls. The cast suspect the Phantom of the Opera is behind the accident. Carlotta has had enough of such “incidents” and leaves the theatre. Christine takes her place and sings better than anyone expected. It is rumoured she has this gift thanks to the tutelage of a mysterious “Master” (Angel Of Music). After the premiere, Raoul, the new patron of the theatre, comes to visit the girl in her dressing room. It turns out they actually know each other from childhood. When Raoul leaves, the jealous, masked “Master” appears and takes Christine to his underground lair (The Phantom Of The Opera). Christine faints after seeing a strange reflection in his mirror (The Music Of The Night). She wakes to the sound of the Phantom composing music on his organ and – fascinated – pulls back his mask, revealing his face. The Phantom, initially infuriated, complains about the misfortune that has made him such an outcast (Stranger Then You Dreamt It). Meanwhile, on stage, Buquet – the theatre’s chief stagehand – is scaring the other dancers with stories of the Phantom and his dangerous lasso (Magical Lasso). After Christine’s meeting with the Phantom, both theatre managers begin to receive mysterious letters in which the “Ghost of the Opera” demands theatre Box #5 be reserved for his exclusive use and, what’s more, he begins to suggest changes to the cast of the new opera “Il Muto”. Christine is to appear in the lead role and Carlotta is to be relegated to a minor, silent role (Notes I). The offended Carlotta accuses Christine and Raoul of plotting against her, but succeeds in stopping this turn of events when she threatens to leave the theatre along with her tenor husband, Piangi. The bewildered managers try to appease the star couple (Prima Donna). At the opera’s premiere, Raoul confrontationally sits in Box #5. The performance is interrupted with the appearance of the Phantom, who makes Carlotta suddenly lose her voice (Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh). During the ensuing chaos, the corpse of Buquet is found on stage. Christine and Raoul hide on the rooftop of the building. She admits to him that she has been to the Phantom’s hideaway. The Viscount does not believe her, but he offers her protection and declares his love for her (All I Ask Of You). It turns out their entire conversation was overheard by the Phantom, who swears to get his revenge. As his despair turns into rage, he causes the theatre’s chandelier to crash down onto the stage during curtain call of “Il Muto”.

Act II

A few months have passed. The crème de la crème of Paris society is attending the Masquerade Ball at the opera (Masquerade). Christine and Raoul are engaged, but she insists on keeping it a secret. The ball is interrupted by the appearance of the Phantom, who hands the managers the score for his new opera, “Don Juan Triumphant”, demanding they produce it (Why So Silent...). He continues to insist that Christine belongs to him. Raoul manages to find out from Madame Giry, the dance instructor, who the Phantom really is: a genius with a deformed face, who has been living beneath the opera house for years, composing music and conducting engineering experiments. The Phantom’s latest demands cause chaos in the theatre, compelling him to write more letters with new casting suggestions (Notes II). Christine wants nothing to do with any of the preparations surrounding the new production. Raoul suggests setting a trap for the Phantom during the premiere of “Don Juan”, using Christine as bait. Shocked by her fiancée’s proposal, she initially refuses to take part. But she eventually gives in, persuaded by the fact that this may be the only chance they have to capture “the Opera Ghost” (Twisted Every Way). Rehearsals for the new opera move along slowly, with the material being somewhat unconventional. Piangi is having the most trouble with his vocal part (A Rehearsal for “Don Juan Triumphant”). Torn by the whole situation, Christine visits her father’s grave to try to get rid of some of the shadows following her from her past (Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again). At the cemetery, she witnesses a fight between the Phantom and Raoul (Wandering Child). Once again, the Phantom had disguised himself as the Angel of Music in an attempt to get her back. Christine ends up escaping with her fiancée and the Phantom vows to get revenge on both of them. On the day of the premiere, Raoul sets the trap in the theatre with the help of the police (“Don Juan Triumphant”). During the final duet of the opera, a masked figure joins Christine on stage (The Point Of No Return). This couldn’t possibly be Piangi. Realising the truth, the girl tears off the Phantom’s mask in front of the whole audience. When both of them disappear from the stage, Carlotta discovers the dead body of Piangi. An angry mob sets out to capture the Phantom and avenge the deaths of his victims. Madame Giry guides Raoul to the Phantom’s lair. The most important thing to remember is to “keep your hand on the level of your eyes” – it’s the only way to protect yourself from the lasso… The hideaway on the underground lake is the scene of the final confrontation. Christine, who has been forced by the Phantom to put on the wedding dress, is expecting the worst (Down Once More). The Phantom is convinced that the girl cannot fall in love with him because of his deformed face. Christine reveals that looks are not what is most important to her – it is what is on the inside that counts most. Raoul falls victim to the lasso as he enters the hideaway. The Phantom gives them an ultimatum: the life of the Viscount for Christine’s everlasting love. Raoul begs the girl not to give in to such blackmail. He is ready to give up his life for her freedom (Track Down This Murderer). Christine looks at the Phantom with compassion and... kisses him. Surprised by this gesture, the Phantom allows both of them to go free before the mob reaches his lair. Strangely, all of a sudden the sound of a monkey music box is heard…

Translated by Karolina Klara


Musicale I - Upiór w operze

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